I Search Worldwide has extensive experience and tenure in the executive search industry. We understand that our clients have unique needs that require tailored solutions. Whether your need is to identify one person to fill a key role in your management team or a team of senior executives to manage an entire division, I Search Worldwide can assemble the resources to get the job done.

We provide an exhaustive, fully retained search service supported by a dedicated search team. This category of search is especially useful when the need is critical and has to be filled in a short time confidentially and discreetly.


We work in tandem with your leadership team by first conducting a needs analysis to develop a thorough understanding of your organisation’s structure and culture.

We will then comprehensively define the goals and establish a specific and agreed plan to fill the position/positions.


We research and scrutinise the marketplace to identify potential candidates and thereafter make direct contact with them on a discreet and confidential basis.


We then present the opportunity professionally and highlight key requirements of the position to the potential candidates. Only suitably qualified and motivated candidates who fit the role and match the ethos and culture of your organisation are presented for consideration.

Candidate presentation

Working closely with you, we profile the shortlisted candidates and schedule the interviews after we have aligned and received the candidate’s acceptance with you.

Candidate preparation

This step ensures that the candidate is fully briefed on the background of the company and is adequately motivated to consider the opportunity to maximise the benefits of the interview.

Candidate debrief

We will assist the post interview process by providing you with the relevant “hot buttons”, motivation and aspirations of the candidate to ensure that all concerns of the candidate and our clients are appropriately addressed.

Offer negotiations

At this crucial stage, we act as the advisor and mediator to negotiate your offer with the candidate. We will facilitate the acceptance and establish a start date.

Transition assisstance

We counsel the selected candidate on effective resignation and help deflect possible counter offers. If relocation is required, we work with you and the candidate on a suitable on-boarding program.

Ongoing relationship

To be sure you and the candidate are completely satisfied with the hire, we maintain ongoing contact with all parties subsequent to the start date to ensure a smooth transition.